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The Bay Area Athletic club is an exciting fusion of Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Boxing and Fitness.

Our recreational programs are geared for people who want to learn a new sport, gain self-confidence and enjoy working out.

Our members will progress through a curriculum while developing their skills at every level. Classes have a fitness and conditioning component so you get in awesome shape while learning.

Our 6000 + square foot facility has a fully matted floor, weight training area, boxing ring, change rooms, showers, waiting area for parents, pro shop and an athletic therapy clinic on site.

At the Bay Area Athletic club we build community one person at a time!




Head Coach Muzammal Nawaz is a 5X professional world kickboxing champion. He developed the BAAC programs based on his 40 years in the martial arts, boxing and kickboxing. His experience combined with his university degree in Kinesiology and his Master’s degree in Education makes him an internationally accredited coach and instructor.

His passion for teaching and coaching is best experienced here at the BAY AREA ATHLETIC CLUB.


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This program is a unique combination of martial arts, boxing and kickboxing.

Your child learns practical skills at BAAC and benefits from the health and wellness curriculum infused within our classes.


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Our Youth program is ideal for all teens. Our classes focus on skill development as youth progress through a leveled curriculum with technical and fitness components.


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BAAC’s Adult program teaches practical boxing and kickboxing skills, as well as getting you into great shape. The excitement of the sport combined with the workout makes this program a great choice for people of all fitness levels.


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Ladies Cardio Kickboxing, a fun and exciting workout for all fitness levels.

This class is best suited for women with a desire to get in awesome shape, relieve stress, a desire to develop and nurture your inner warrior.

Strong is Beautiful!


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The Bay Area Athletic Club is known worldwide as a ‘center of excellence’ for competitive boxing and kickboxing. We prepare our members for both local and international competitions and many of our athletes have gained a stellar reputation as some of Canada’s finest competitors.

Champions are built HERE!

Private Lessons

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We offer private sessions for individuals with busy lifestyles, people who want to achieve faster results, or anyone wanting a personalized program. You may wish to choose private lessons only or to supplement the learning you are getting in any of our BAAC programs.

Private Lessons = Fast Progress!


BAAC is much more than a gym. We also offer world reknowned courses and programs.


Head Coach Muzammal Nawaz has created a project to foster the qualities of Character, Wellness and Excellence. These are the foundations of the Bay Area Athletic Club. This project encourages every person regardless of age to challenge themselves towards achieving greatness in any area of their lives. Participants receive resources and support throughout the program so that they Build Their Legacy!


Many of our experienced members take a CASK Instructors course to become full pledged certified coaches. With this certification participants are able to teach our classes and enjoy their advance participation at BAAC. Specialized classes for instructors only are offered by Head Coach Muzammal Nawaz.


Our leadership program is a highly sought after program for young people at BAAC. Members participate in 12 training sessions held over the course of a year. Youth are trained in public speaking, communication skills, problem solving, group dynamics and planning projects and activities. In addition, educational sessions on bullying, racism, gender, poverty, health and wellness are covered with the objective of raising awareness and encouraging youth to be agents of positive change.

coach jaime

RockIT Instructor, Coach Jaime

Jaime started kickboxing in her home province of Newfoundland at the age of 34 because she had an unfulfilled childhood fantasy to be a ninja. Before long, she earned a spot on the Canadian National Team competing across North America, Africa and Europe. All while, balancing a career as a Computer Scientist and raising a family.

Jaime has always had a passion for health and wellness. She focuses her classes on strength and conditioning and uses kickboxing skills to get her ladies moving! Jaime always adds nutritional and lifestyle advice in her motivational classes so every lady feels strong and beautiful!

coach ross

BAAC Head Instructor, Coach Ross

Ross began Ju Jitsu at the age of 6 and kickboxing at 12 with Muzammal as his coach. He was affectionately nicknamed ‘Wonder-child’ as he won every tournament in his younger years. He went on to become Canada’s premier lightweight kickboxer winning tournaments across North America, Africa and Europe. He has shifted his focus towards boxing where he is continuing his winning ways.

With a Black Belt in Ju Jitsu and over 10 years instructing kickboxing, Ross has the incredible ability to engage students at any age or ability level. Children develop focus in his classes and adults learn practical kickboxing skills. His approach to coaching makes everyone feel welcome and engaged.

coach moe

BAAC Instructor, Coach Moe

Muhammad first enrolled his three boys at BAAC. He saw them learn and have fun so he gave it a try. Almost instantly he developed a love for the sport and club. He earned his BAAC Purple Gloves and became certified as a coach in both Kickboxing and Boxing.

Muhammad has dedicated a big part of his life to BAAC. He is the main coach of the junior competitive team and can be seen in Ross’s corner in all of his important bouts. He focuses his teaching on the fundamentals making sure that all learners develop excellent technique.

coach adam

BAAC Instructor, Coach Adam

Adam Assenza is known as one of Canada’s premier up-and-coming PRO MMA athletes. A former competitive gymnast Adam had a spectacular amateur career and turned professional with the intent of reaching the top of the sport. Muzammal is his head coach and leads his professional camp.

Adam is a renowned strength and conditioning coach with certifications in a number of therapy modalities. He is the fitness advisor at BAAC providing guidance to all of our coaches. His classes provide excellent flexibility, core development and overall conditioning.

coach haytham

BAAC Instructor, Coach Haytham

Haytham has been training in martial arts since the age of 7. He has graded in Ju Jitsu and obtained the highest kickboxing grading at BAAC. He his a fully registered coach in boxing and kickboxing. As a competitive athlete he has represented Canada in International competitions in South Africa, Europe and across North America. He is able to coach all ages and develops amazing relationships with the kids in the Mighty Boxer program. He is also one of our premier trainers for private lessons with children and younger athletes.

coach brian

BAAC Instructor, Coach Brian

Brian earned his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do before enrolling in kickboxing. During his competitive years he had great success as a member of the Canadian National Team and the #1 Welterweight in the country. He is one of a very few Canadians that medaled at a WAKO World Championship (Portugal-2009). After winning the North American Championship in 2011 he retired from the ring to focus on raising his family and pursuing a busy banking career and completing his MBA.

Brian was considered an incredible tactician during his competitive years and brings that quality to all of his classes. He has an incredible ability to break down kickboxing so every student, novice or advance can master any skill.

coach john

BAAC Instructor, Coach John

John began his martial arts training in Karate earning a black belt at a young age. He started kickboxing competitions under the tutelage of Muzammal and traveled and competed across the world. He medalled in a number of international tournaments, including the WFK Worlds in Uzbekistan.

John is a very passionate instructor and inspires excellence in every class he instructs. He brings his years of competitive experience into teaching practical skills while making every member have a championship workout!

leadership team

BAAC Leader Coaches

The Leadership Team are Advance members that achieved the highest levels of our grading curriculum. These young adults are also highly successful competitive athletes on the Canadian National Team. They have all graduated from the BAAC Leadership Course – a yearlong skills development program that teaches life skills and educational programming. All leaders are also fully certified coaches in amateur boxing and kickboxing. They have a passion for teaching seeing new members learn and achieve excellence.


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