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Not sure how you found us, but I am so happy you did! Here you’ll find a community of women, inspiring and supporting one another to be the best version of themselves. Don't wait....take control and become a part of our amazing community. It's super easy just follow the steps below;

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Starting a new program can be chanlleging in so many ways, but dont worry, I will personally guide you through every class making sure you are comfortable and happy. You can do this!

Your health and wellness journey begins here .... you will be blown away at your own transformation and the best part ... you will fill AMAZING!

A 45 minute private lesson + 1 Session.

We will teach you the basic kickboxing, boxing and fitness skills required in every class. But most importantly, we will teach you proper technique which is extremely important to prevent injury and also to advance your training. After your lesson, you will be ready to show your ninja skills in class.

6 Awesome sessions

Each class is a unique combination of kickboxing, boxing, strength and conditioning. Classes are designed with you in mind. It's perfect for beginners and advance skills alike because you will train at your own pace and fitness level. Be prepared to lose body fat and start feeling amazing.

P.s dont miss out on our limited time spring sale. 6 Sessions for only $54

What will you receive? Workout Schedules Motivational Messages! Advice on how to live your healthiest and most confident life recipes fitness tips and so much more!

Our 'ladies only' facebook group is where we support and encourage each other to live our best life. And of course, we have the occasional giggle because what's the point if we can't laugh!
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Our much loved specialty programs will whip anyone into shape. Its hard work but a whole lot of fun! You'll want to grab your BFF (Best Fitness Friend) and get sweaty!


We offer private sessions for babes with busy lifestyles. Privates are also great for those that want to achieve faster results, or anyone wanting a personalized program that includes goal setting. Private Lessons = Fast Progress!

And so much more at BAAC

Check out our main BAAC page to see all the programs offered for the whole family. We are not just a fitness club....we are a community because sometimes fitness is just not enough!


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