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Hello, welcome to Rockit! My name is Jaime and I will be your coach, friend and mentor. I am here with an amazing community of women, inspiring and supporting one another to live the life of dreams; fit, healthy, and happy!

However you found us — we’re so grateful that you did! And we would like to send you a giant WELCOME and introduce our story. Rockit is a community of strong women who support and motivate each other to lead their healthiest, happiest lives.

Let’s rewind a little bit back to when I first started the program. I had been living in Burlington for about a year. I was working as a senior software developer and training for a World Kickboxing Championship in Ireland. I was exhausted commuting 5 hours in traffic every single day. And I was mothering my teenager (need I say more!?!). My life felt like it was completely out of control. But the one thing that has always helped me keep my sanity even in the craziest of times has been my love for fitness. I would skip sleeping, eating, and even work to feel the 'high' from a good training session.

During this crazy beautiful time I was also adventuring on a new journey of love (blush, blush). My now husband was my then coach and someone who I admired deeply. We talked countless hours about sharing our passion and dreams. He was already living his dream running BAAC Martial Arts, and WAKO Canada. You can read more about Maz here.

It was through our many conversations that I realized I wanted to share my passion for both kickboxing and the importance of strong female connections and thus Rockit was born. I am still a 'Geek' at heart and continue to work on software projects but with a lot more time dedicated to our Rockit Community.

Special thank you to all the women that support and care for each other. Our togetherness will keep us strong and when we are strong we are beautiful!
xox J.

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